The Students’ Mess Committee is constituted as under to monitor and supervise the messing arrangements of hostel students:

Sl. No Designation in the Committee Name Primary Designation in the Institute
1 Chairman Dr. Abhishek Choudhury Asst Prof. Dept of Pathology
2 Member Mr Rupesh Mallick Manager Admin
3 Member Mr. Snehashish Chatterjee Area Manager “Rozzana”
4 Member Mr Alok Choubey Operations manager “Rozzana” IQ City
5 Students Representatives Ms Kiran Mahapatra MBBS 4th Year
6 Mr Siddharth Shankar MBBS 3rd Year
7 Mr Pritam Gupta MBBS 2nd Year
8 Ms Divya Tatachari MBBS 1st Year
9 Ms Mahina Khatun Nursing 2nd Year
10 Ms Chhanda Mandal Nursing 1st Year
11 Member Mr Shyamal Chatterjee Warden Boys Hostel (ex-officio)
12 Member Ms Supriya Rani Bharati Warden Girls Hostel (ex- officio)
13 Member Secretary Ms Ruma Das Gupta Manager Corporate Communication
  • The committee will meet once every month and review the necessary arrangements for students messing including menu, food, safety/ hygiene measures, infrastructure requirements and any other related issues, and ensure action as necessary.
    Unresolved issues, if any, will be escalated to the Deputy Dean (Students Welfare).
  • Deliberations of the meeting will be recorded in a register to be maintained by the Member Secretary. The register will be forwarded, within 3 days, to the GM Administration for action on issues raised, and onward to the Principal through the Deputy Dean (Students Welfare) for perusal.