The Students Hostel Committee is constituted as under to monitor and supervise the arrangements of hostel students:-

Sl. No Designation Name
1. Chairman Prof. Rajvir Bhalwar, Principal
2. Member Prof. Gautam Ghose, Vice Principal
3. Member Prof. Arindom Banerjee, Dean (Student Welfare) & Chief Warden, Boys Hostel
4. Member Dr. Dipmala Das, Deputy Dean (Student Welfare) & Chief Warden, Girls Hostel
5. Member Secretary Capt. Manoj Kumar Patra , Admin Manager
6. Member Mr. Shyamal Chatterjee , Hostel Warden – Boys
7. Member Ms. Supriya Rani Bharati, Hostel Warden – Girls
  • The committee will meet once every quarter and review the necessary arrangements for students Hostel including safety, security, hygiene and infrastructure requirements and any other related issues, and ensure action as necessary.
    Unresolved issues, if any, will be escalated to Chief Operation Officer (COO).
  • Deliberations of the meeting will be recorded in a register to be maintained by the Member Secretary. The register will be forwarded, within 10 days, to the Chief Operation Officer (COO) for action on issues raised, and onward to the Principal through the Deputy Dean (Students Welfare) for perusal.