The committee is reconstituted as under:

Designation in the Committee Faculty Name Primary Designation in the Institute
Dean (Student Welfare) Prof. (Dr.) Arindom Banerjee Professor, Anatomy
Deputy Dean (Student Welfare) Dr. Dipmala Das Associate Professor, Microbiology
Mentor 1st Year Dr Anirban Banerjee Asst Professor (Anatomy)
Mentor 2nd Year Mr Longjam L Angom Asst Professor (Microbiology)
Mentor 3rd Year Dr Rakesh Kumar Asst Professor (Community Medicine)
Mentor 4th/Final Year Dr Saurav Choudhury Asst Professor (Obs &Gynae)
Member Mr Manoj Kr Patra Deputy Manager, Admin
Name Year
Mr Ayan Chatterjee 4th year                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Students Representatives and Class Representatives
Mr Akash Singh 4th year
Ms Sushmita Saha 4th year
Ms Sreemedha Choudhury 4th year
Mr Ankit Das 3rd year
Mr Utsav Aman 3rd year
Ms Arpita Agarwal 3rd year
Ms Vedika Marodia 3rd year
Mr Arpan Bera 2nd year
Mr Rohit Kumar 2nd year
Ms Swadha Pandey 2nd year
Ms Rishika Singha Roy 2nd year
Mr Parijat Pramanik 1st year
Mr Vishal Deep 1st year
Ms Akansha Ghoshal 1st year
Ms Ahana Majumder 1st year

Purpose: The Student Welfare Committee of IQ City Medical College, Durgapur is a student management body constituted to serve as a link between the students and the higher management of the institute for the overall development and welfare of the student community.

Scope: The committee will report to the Principal of the Institute for its functioning which may include but not limited to:

  1. Supervise and monitor the different student activities in the institute.
  2. Coordinate admissions, health services, housing, social and cultural programs for students.
  3. Promote and foster personal growth and development of the students.
  4. Ensure and establish discipline among the students.
  5. Collaborate with the College Academic Committee for academic activities of the students.