Medical Humanities in Medical College

Date: 22 May, 2018

IQ City Medical College launched the ‘Medical Humanities’ section of its Medical Education Unit through a novel presentation on “Visual Narrative Medicine: coalescing medicine, photography, stories and humanities” by two eminent guest speakers from Kolkata, who are working ardently in this field. Our speakers were Dr Kaushik Ghosh, Physician and medical Photographer and Dr Kaushik Ghosh, Orthopaedic Surgeon, renowned actor and photographer.

This workshop was attended by students, interns, teachers and staff and all benifitted from the discourses.

We are honoured to start this pioneering work in Medical Humanities (MH) in this part of the country. Presently MH has been actively taken up in only a few institutes, namely, University College  of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, GS Medical College in Mumbai, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (PSGIMSR) in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Jorhat Medical College, Assam.


We are proud to proclaim that IQ City Medical College will be the first college in West Bengal and adjoining states with a Medical Humanities  wing.


Know our speakers:

Dr Kaushik Ghosh is an reputed medical photographer. He is the first Indian recipient of Graduate Imaging Scientist (GIS) qualification from the Royal Photographic Society of GB, and has been honoured as Associate of RPS for his contribution in the field of scientific and medical photography. He is also the first Asian representative in the committee of Medical Group of the Royal Photographic Society. His present endeavour is to use his skills to establish  Medical Art and Humanities as one of the core component of mainstream medical education and healthcare. With this vision, he has conceived the concept of “Visual Narrative Medicine”, an interdisciplinary programme coalescing medicine, photography, stories and humanities.


Dr Kausik Ghosh, a multi-faceted personality, is by profession, an eminent Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kolkata, but his fame has shot up in the field of performing arts. He is a renowned actor in Bangla films and also well known for his public oratory skills. He is an avid photographer with a deep insight which has drawn him into this whirlpool of Visual Narrative Medicine.