Casualty Clinical Services

The casualty department which works round the clock is managed by 4 doctors and 15 nurses who are available in 3 shifts. There is a separate Emergency section for OBG department which is attached to the labour room.

The casualty section is well facilitated with 10 beds, Central oxygen supply, central suction, defibrillator, pulse oxymeter, ambu bag, disaster trolley, x-ray machine and crash carts. It is connected to an emergency operation theatre which is fully equipped with anaesthesia, resuscitation and surgical equipment.

The radiology department and clinical laboratories are placed close to the casualty section to serve emergency patients round the clock. Documentation of medico legal cases is prepared along with all necessary lab reports and doctor reports.

Timing – 24 hrs/365 days

  • Casualty medical offices and residents available 24 hours 365 days.
  • Duty days are fixed for various Consultants as per their discipline and are available round the clock.