Our primary objectives are to provide the resources and opportunities that foster excellence in research among faculty, fellows, and students, to provide a superior teaching resource to medical undergraduate students, and provide exemplary service to the medical school and university.We are fortunate to have faculty who are recognized researchers and scholars in their fields, talented and stimulating teachers, and committed to effective intro-and interdepartmental collaboration.Our priority for medical students is to enhance our teaching efforts with an emphasis on developing stimulating medically relevant interactive sessions.



Students are guided by a team of dedicated faculty members with latest teaching methodologies. The sessions are a mix of both theoretical and practical training. Regular tutorials, seminars, symposium  provide a platform for interaction between teachers and students and help in exchange of ideas and clarification or doubts. Use of both vertical and horizontal methods of lecture and demonstration classes by the faculty members induces deeper understanding of Applied Physiology among the students.We strive to continue to provide innovative research and outstanding teaching that will assist in future therapies and generate great leaders in their field.