Bio Chemistry


The Department of Biochemistry provides basic preclinical study in Biochemistry for medical students. It involves analysis and interpretation of biological materials from the human body, usually body fluids to provide diagnostic information of the body state for clinical decision making. Additionally prognosis and monitoring of disease and its treatment modalities can be interpreted in the light of available clinical information. Screening for disease and further research into disease process are additional objectives of the study of Biochemistry.



The Department of Biochemistry has two wings: Academic and Clinical

The Academic wing provides academic coursework in Biochemistry (under the WBUHS and approved by the Medical Council of India) for undergraduate students of MBBS as well BSc (Nursing) course approved by INC.

Academic discourses include lectures, tutorials, interactive discussions and seminars and structured problem solving exercises spread over first two semesters of MBBS course. The practical classes are held at undergraduate practical laboratory equipped with chemicals, consumables and equipments.

The research laboratory of the academic wing is well equipped to carry out basic and clinical research and students and faculties are involved in research projects.


The Clinical Biochemistry wing provides quality controlled assay of biochemical parameters of patients as ordered by the clinicians of the hospital OPD, inpatients as well as patients referred from outside. All routine parameters ( including organ function tests), specialized parameters ( including cardiac biomarkers, inflammatory biomarkers, tumour markers and hormones) as well as electrolytes ( assayed by Electrolyte analyser) are assayed in the Central Lab of the hospital ( situated in the basement of the hospital building) with the help of fully automated random access analyser and electrochemiluminescent analyser ( with backup equipments and UPS) providing high throughput quality controlled analysis with well controlled pre-analytic and post-analytic variables and quality approved turnaround times for all the parameters. The lab maintains Internal Quality Control and assurance and participates in standard External Quality Assessments for a precise and accurate result in line with the requirements of Eviden