1. The Department Of Anatomy shall be striving to disseminate knowledge and understanding of Human Anatomy so as to produce competent medical professionals in modern medicine, who should be able to recognize the importance of Anatomy in the context of health needs of the community and the national priorities in health sector and function as an able member of a team engaged in the health care, research and education.
  2. The Department shall also disseminate, create and preserve knowledge and understanding in mammalian Anatomy in general and Human Anatomy in particular so as to produce competent medical teachers in the discipline who have acquired the skills in educational methods and techniques for imparting theoretical and practical knowledge in Gross Anatomy, Radiological Anatomy, Embryology, Histology and histological techniques, neuroanatomy and elementary Genetics with their applied aspects to the undergraduate and postgraduate medical and paramedical students.
  3. The Department shall be striving to augment and enhance the quality of such education and consistently aim at modernizing, improving and achieving the highest standards of academic excellence at all levels.
  4. The Department shall be striving to promote competitive merit and excellence as the sole guiding criterion in all academic and other matters relating to students.
  5. The Department shall be striving to promote and carry out research in Anatomy with emphasis on scientific, social and economic relevance of such researchon occupational, psychosomatic and environmental health issues affecting the people.

About the Department

The Department of Anatomy came into existence in 2012, as one of the first departments at the I Q City Medical College and Narayana Hospital, Durgapur, West Bengal, India. It occupies parts of the fourth floor of the main Hospital building of the institute.
Major activity of the department is centered around teaching and research. Students of M.B.,B.S. course are trained in the Department. The undergraduate anatomy curriculum devised by the University of Health Sciences, West Bengal is totally followed by the Department. However, more emphasis is given on functional, clinical, surface and radiographic anatomy.
The department also has a posthumous body donation facility.