The meaning of the word Pathology is pathos – suffering and logy – study , meaning study of the disease – its aetiology , pathogenesis , morphologic changes in the cells and clinical manifestations.

It bridges the gap between the clinical and non clinical subjects as the treatment of the patient depends on the pathological diagnosis. Hence it is one of the core branches in laboratory services.



The important divisions under pathology include – histopathology ; cytopathopathology ; hematology.

Also blood bank services fall under the jurisdiction of pathology department in a teaching hospital.

Our institute has a team of dynamic , dedicated pathologists with a deep knowledge of the subject. We at IQ city teaching hospital , serve the patients with all possible diagnostic tests like biopsy , FNAC (USG , CT guided) , fluid cytology, pap smear , Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy , peripheral smear examination, coagulation profile ,complete hemogram.

Medicine is a continuous learning process. Hence we as a team try to improve our academic abilities by conducting regular departmental seminars, case discussions , clinicopathologic meets and CME programs.

Pathology helps the student to make a clinicopatholologic correlation about a disease condition. The undergraduate students are exposed to museum during the practical hours where they can see the gross specimen preserved under proper conditions. Also the study of tissue at cellular level is taught in histopathology practical sessions. Students are expertised to perform various tests in hematology and clinical pathology practical classes. Regular lecture classes , seminars , tutorials with internal assessment examinations are conducted.

With the advancement in medical field and era of molecular studies , development of advanced diagnostic services like Immunohistochemistry , flow cytometry, molecular genetics , is playing a vital role not only in the diagnosis but also, prognosis and plan of patient management.