In today’s fast moving world, urban life is strife with uncontrollable growth. While growth is desirable, its uncontrollable nature creates difficulties for comfortable living. IQ City Project came into being as a solution to the problem. A future-ready project in a fast advancing city, a project that has every aspect of fine urban life covered – five premium residential zones, hospital, school, college, recreational hub and other facilities. With 88% of the space open to nature, IQ City is sure to brighten the living with a kaleidoscope of natural colours.

A home to a school of international standards and various co curricular activities nurture the students with world class education. Medical College and Narayana Multispeciality Hospital constitute the IQ City Health & Knowledge Campus. Nursing College, Hospital Management College, College of Dentistry and Paramedical College are also part of this hub. This campus is equipped to be a centre of medical tourism.

IQ City embodies a perfect synergy of urban aesthetic and sustainability, and inspires better living. It’s the place to be in.