IQ City Campus

In today’s fast moving world, urban life is strife with uncontrollable growth. While growth is desirable, its uncontrollable nature creates difficulties for comfortable living. IQ City Project came into being as a solution to the problem. A future-ready project in a fast advancing city, a project that has every aspect of fine urban life covered – five premium residential zones, hospital, school, college, recreational hub and other facilities. With 88% of the space open to nature, IQ City is sure to brighten the living with a kaleidoscope of natural colours. A home to a school of international standards and various co curricular activities nurture the students with world class education. Medical College and Narayana Multispeciality Hospital constitute the IQ City Health & Knowledge Campus.

IQ City Initiatives

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CME on Transfusion Medicine in Clinics
09 Aug, 2019

A full day CME was conducted by the Department of Pathology ...

Medical Humanities in Medical College
22 May, 2018

IQ City Medical College launched the ‘Medical ...

IQ City Advantage

How does it feel when you step into an environment and is introduced to a host of resources catering to all aspects of health, education, wellness and quality life? Inspiring, right? Welcome to IQ City. A 100 acre integrated township with large expanse of greenery and an epitome of urban aesthetic.

  • Residential Buildings
  • Office Towers
  • Private Club and Gymnasium
  • Hospital
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hotel
  • Retail Mall
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities